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Google Keep

In order to provide a virtual and sophisticated created device for memo purposes to the customers, the company has announced that it will be launching Google Keep in the market pretty soon. It has been noted by the experts that the market for the online and virtual memo is growing at an accelerating pace and at present time Evernote is given top ranking in the market. It is expected that Google Keep will enhance the user’s experience by offering them the latest features for the usage purposes.

Google chances for gaining an edge
Google has made sure that it enters the digital memo market with full marketing efforts so that it can enhance its image among the existing customers and ensure that it successfully attains the desired market share. It has been reported that Google Keep will allow its customers to employ the features such as voice notes, annotate photos and maintain appropriate checklists.

Software behind the Google Keep
As the customers want to be assured that they are provided the best product in terms of digital memo service, the engineer of software at Google has ensured that it is developed with the latest technology so that the customers can reap the benefits of using the product. Of course, everyone has to see, think and hear various things but remembering all of the information is quite difficult. Majority of the people use sticky notes or jot the reminder to place it on fridge, desk, or other relevant place so that they can keep check of the mandatory things that are required for the completion of the required task. With the help of Google Keep, jolting down the important points will become an easy task and people can even track of the photographs and checklists with utmost ease and convenience.

Extended features of Google Keep
There is a wide range of features that create a distinctive image of Google Keep; all key information can be easily stored on Google Drive. This drive is the best file storage and organization offering that is imparted by Google and is also the latest trend in Cloud Computing. It is reported that Evernote has about fifteen million as active users and it is expected that after the launch of Google Keep the number of users will decrease by significant amount. At present, the company is trying out various products such as Google glasses, smart watch and excellent software. Hence, Google Keep will ensure that it is able to maintain the strong position of the brand in the market so that it can further enhance its image in the industry.