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The Drone We All Need In Our Lives

Self-flying drones are taking over the world of technology, allowing videographers to reach new heights and helping the military create auto-piloted spy tech for the future of our country. And now, the latest and greatest development in the world of drones is designed specifically for this crucial everyday task…

Taking selfies.

That’s right. The AirSelfie2, a sequel to the successful kickstarter campaign that began over a year ago, will be a smaller, more condensed drone that fits in the palm of your hand and can take the perfect selfie for you, hands free.

The drone can be controlled directly from your phone, take pictures, videos, and is less than 3 pounds in weight. No more annoying selfie stick, no more asking strangers to take a picture for you. Just take the drone out of your pocket (because yes it’s that small) and let it hover and snap the pic for you. It has a maximum 5 minutes of hover time, can reach up to 65 feet in the air, has a 16 MP camera, built in memory card, and works with both Apple and Android phones.

This selfie-snapping servant can be snagged for $249.95 (if you’re that self-obsessed).