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Premium Web Browsers Could Be The Future

If browsers adopt a pay model, Mozilla may have an edge.

“Paid browsers are the future, and Firefox might offer a better deal than Chrome,” says the headline of a Digital Trends article earlier this week.

The article talks about how Google’s recent blocking of adblockers to free users is a sign that we are indeed living in a world where nothing is free and there’s always a price to be paid for something that is better than average. The digital world has been shifting recently, with many of its sectors increasingly turning towards a ‘pay-to-[do this]’ model. As proven by Google’s recent move, this now includes even internet browsers.

But if Digital Trends is correct and paid browsers are indeed the future, then perhaps they are also right in saying that Mozilla Firefox is handling the shift much better than its bigger rival.

Unlike Google, who has basically given its users no other choice than to accept ads or upgrade to a G Suite plan that costs at least $6 a month, Mozilla is instead charging separately for each unique feature. The Firefox browser itself is still 100% free, but users can pay to unlock special browser features like ad-blocking and VPN bandwidth access.

According to Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, the company has no plans to take away the free aspects of Firefox from its users. “Now, we still want to make it clear: There is no plan to demand money which is now free of charge for things. So, we will roll out a subscription service and offer a premium level.”