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What The ’50 Million Facebook Breach’ Means For The Company’s Future

Facebook revealed last week that there had been a major security breach in their systems where 50 million profiles received access to personal data. Not only have stocks tanked even more for Facebook, the company is receiving backlash amidst a crucial time after CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently testified in front of the Senate.

So what does this mean going forward for Facebook? Not only is the company losing crucial users while already fighting other social media platforms; they are also going to have to discover who was behind the attack, as the investigation is still in its early stages. What we do know is that, once Facebook discovered the breach, they logged out more than 90 million users as a precaution.

How does a massive hack like this occur so quickly? According to reports, the hackers took advantage of Facebook’s “View As” feature. When activated, this mode lets the user see how non-friends and strangers would view their page. Once they had an opening, the hackers quickly traced the email’s and information of the 50 million victims.

In the meantime, social media goers are staying away from Facebook. And this time, they might actually listen to the advice “change your password.”