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Chinese Game Developer Reveals ‘Black Myth: Wukong’

Credit: Game Science Interactive Technology Co.

Outta nowhere, here comes the Monkey King.

The other day, I was just browsing around the interwebs, minding my own business, when suddenly something new entered my field of vision: a 13-minute gameplay trailer for a game called Black Myth: Wukong. As something of a mythology buff, I can always recognize the familiar hairy face of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, one of the main characters of the classic fable, Journey to the West. But the confusing thing was that most big-name developers usually release a teaser trailer before they start showing the gameplay. Turns out, despite its gorgeous looks, this game ain’t coming from the triple-A industry.

Black Myth: Wukong is being developed by a tiny studio from China named Game Science. Apparently, they only have one other game to their credit, 2016’s Art of War: Red Tides, which I’m guessing you haven’t heard of either. Based on available information, Game Science seems to be made up of approximately 40 people, some of whom used to work for Tencent. Despite their small stature, though, they’ve managed to assemble quite the eye-catching trailer, showcasing Wukong’s impressive array of fascinating abilities and fighting techniques, all rendered in beautiful Unreal 4.

Response to the trailer has been exceptionally positive, with users on various social media platforms singing praises. One Reddit user by the name of Sewper5 put it rather eloquently, saying “based solely on the graphics, combat, scenery, and character models this looks like the God of War and Sekiro love child.”

Credit: Game Science Interactive Technology Co.

After the word went around, the founder of Game Science, Feng Ji, briefly revealed himself to the world. Writing on Chinese blogging site Weibo (which was then translated on ResetEra and verified by IGN), Feng Ji thanked everyone for their enthusiasm, but swore that the dev team won’t let it go to their heads, and that the finished game will look much more impressive than the pre-alpha footage from the trailer. He also admitted that the purpose of the trailer, in addition to drumming up hype, was to entice developers to come and work for Game Science.

Feng Ji said that the team will be putting their noses back to the grindstone, and that we likely won’t see anymore footage any time soon. There’s no planned release date either, though Feng Ji did mention that they’re hoping to release the game on all major consoles, plus PC. It’s anyone’s guess when this game will actually be ready, but they’ve certainly planted the seed of hype already.