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‘Fall Guys’ Devs on the Hunt for Cheaters

Credit: Devolver Digital/Mediatonic

Why would you wanna cheat in a game full of funny jellybean people?

Last week, Devolver Digital and Mediatonic released Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It’s an adorable little game designed in a similar vein to classic slapstick game shows, in which large groups of randomly matched players compete in a series of physical challenges to win it all. After some server issues slowed things down during the launch, the game quickly recovered, and has quickly become the biggest thing since sliced bread, garnering over 2 million users in a single week. Everyone and their grandma is playing this game, and every business and their grandmas want in on the game’s skin shop. Unfortunately, things aren’t all colorful jellybeans and Harry Belafonte; there are cheaters in our midst.

Players of the PC version of Fall Guys have reported numerous sightings of obvious cheating, including flying characters, characters moving at high speeds, and characters passing through walls. Obviously, it’s a lot less fun for everyone else when some schlub can just fly over the obstacle course and be first over the finish line. Mediatonic, with help from the player base, have been working to hunt down these cheaters and remove them from the game.

“We are working as quickly as we can to address this issue in the game,” Mediatonic told GameSpot. “Cheating and other hacks to boost performance take away from the enjoyment of everyone and we are actively working to address this now.”

Credit: Devolver Digital/Mediatonic

Eagle-eyed players already have their own theories about how these rotten beans are bending the world to their will. One Reddit user by the name of Raging_Rob laid it out in the Fall Guys Subreddit.


There isn’t a way to report cheaters in-game, unfortunately, but Mediatonic has advised all players to report any instances of cheating they spot in the Fall Guys Discord server or in the Subreddit. In a post on the game’s official Twitter account, Mediatonic announced that they have recently improved their cheating detection criteria and have already begun to see a drop-off in cheater reports.