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‘Fall Guys’ Brand Bid Raises $1 Million for Charity

Credit: Aim Lab via Twitter

Jellybeans for just causes.

Two weeks ago, MediaTonic, the developers of Fall Guys, noticed they were getting an influx of requests from various brands and personalities to include a branded character skin in their game. MediaTonic, being the absolute mad lads that they are, decided that instead of just sifting through everything themselves, they’d make a game out of it. On the official Fall Guys Twitter page, they announced the “Battle of the Brands,” encouraging anyone who wants their own Fall Guys skin to place a bid through Twitter. The winning bid would get their skin, and all proceeds would be donated to SpecialEffect, a charity based out of the UK that researches and develops ways for those with disabilities to get the most enjoyment out of games. Welp, two weeks have passed and the bidding has closed; we have a winner, or to be more specific, four winners.

Over the course of the bidding war, there were all manner of entries, including various fast food brands like KFC and Pizza Hut, retail brands like Walmart, and even a few curve balls like bidet manufacturer TUSHY. Throughout the whole thing, though, the four top contenders were prolific Fortnite streamer Ninja, YouTube gaming personality MrBeast, eSports club G2, and software developer Aim Lab. In a surprise move at the very end of the bidding process, all four of these people/groups decided to band together and pool their money for a single titanic bid of $1 million USD.

SpecialEffect’s founder, Dr. Mick Donegan, was absolutely floored by the outpouring from support, both from the bidders and everyone else who came to see the charity thanks to MediaTonic’s publicity.

“We’re blown away,” Dr. Donegan said. “A huge thank you to @MrBeastYT, @Ninja, @G2esports and @aimlab for their amazing generosity, and to Mediatonic and Devolver Digital for this unique initiative.”

“When the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions hit earlier this year, the charity was facing a significant reduction in funding income due, in part, to many of its key fundraising events being cancelled or postponed. As a charity that doesn’t charge for its services, this donation will be invaluable in helping to make up for that shortfall. It will enable us to continue an uninterrupted service for the many people with severe physical disabilities and developers around the world who are asking for our help in ever greater numbers year on year. What’s more, the demands on our services are rising even more rapidly as a result of the auction itself. Bring it on!”

As thanks for their generosity, MediaTonic will be adding character skins from all four of the donors to Fall Guys.