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Arrowhead Game Studios Adjusts Update Schedule for Helldivers 2


Credit: Unsplash

Arrowhead Game Studios, the creators of Helldivers 2, have announced they will be slowing down the pace of game updates to improve quality and support both their developers and players better.

Community feedback, particularly from Harvey Randall, has highlighted that the rapid update schedule has been challenging. Arrowhead’s community manager, Twinbeard, confirmed that the next update will be released “when it’s done,” signaling a change in approach.

CEO Johan Pilestedt and the team have worked hard to keep Helldivers 2 engaging and dynamic. However, frequent updates have sometimes caused unexpected issues and frustrations among players. Pilestedt has recognized that the fast-paced updates need to be rethought.

In a message to players on Discord, Twinbeard explained, “We need more time between updates to maintain the quality you deserve. Frequent updates disrupt our workflow and require a lot of resources. We prefer to take a bit more time to ensure better results.”

The new update schedule is still being finalized. Twinbeard mentioned, “We need to try this out and see how it feels. We believe a slightly slower pace will benefit everyone.”

Arrowhead’s decision reflects their commitment to high standards and the well-being of their team. This change aims to balance the desire for frequent updates with the need for careful, well-planned improvements.

Arrowhead Game Studios thanks the Helldivers 2 community for their support and understanding. The team is dedicated to delivering a great gaming experience and believes this new approach will help achieve long-term success.