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Speed Up your Android Device Using These Simple Tips

A smart phone isn’t just a mobile that is used as a communication device but instead it has transformed into an item which is sort of a mini computer for people. This is why it is crucial that you keep your android device free from any clutter and well organized. Now even though many of us have the habit of adding apps to our smart phones until we have an extremely cluttered menu, I would recommend that you stop doing that because this is the main reason why your android device may be crashing or running slower than usual. Although I am not saying that you shouldn’t be installing any apps on your mobile, what you must understand is that even if you are downloading apps, you need to make sure that you are using those apps, and if you are not, delete them.

Almost everything that you install on your device is going to be on the SD card that you have. This is why you should first make sure that you have a SD card that meets your needs. On average, people with basic needs use a 2GB memory card along with the internal memory but in the end it all depends on what your requirements are. A great tip for installing apps is to download the most important ones on the phone memory as then the app will be easily accessible and will run faster than with a memory card. What you can do is to install the apps on your phone memory while keeping all the other important data such as documents, files and photos on the SD card. All android devices come with some pre-installed apps which are also called ‘bloatware’. These apps are basically installed for the marketing of companies and some of them can be deleted by the user. So, the next thing that you need to do is to check for bloatware on your android phone. The reason why these apps need to be deleted is because they are taking up unnecessary space in your mobile device which can be used for other more useful apps. However, before you delete any such as, make sure you read and research properly so that deleting the app won’t cause it to malfunction in any way.

Remove only those things which do not support the system of the device and be sure that there are no repercussions to what you are doing. Another tip in speeding up your Android device is that you should store all your pictures on the SD card. Moreover, if you think that there a lot of old memories which are taking up space in the mobile, then it would be a good idea to transfer them to your desktop/laptop or cloud. This is one of the best ways through which you can free a lot of space in your device. The best thing you could do is to keep only the recent photographs on the SD card so that there is no chance of clutter of any kind. Storing pictures and other documents on your system will also serve as a backup because then you won’t run the risk of completely losing them if the SD card becomes corrupt or damaged.