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The ‘Ultimate’ Portable Speaker

If you’re like me and always on the go, you need a speaker that’s going to be able to weather the storm that is your everyday life. One minute, I’m throwing a house party; the next minute, everyone’s chilling on the beach. Later, we’re out on the fields playing a pickup soccer game. There’s only one company that produces a single speaker that covers all of those occasions, and that’s Ultimate Ears’ Megablast.

Compact enough to fit in your hand, yet loud enough to reach across my entire apartment, there’s no other speaker that really captures the essence of “filling up a room” with thundering bass than Megablast’s thanks to its 360 degree sound projection. Built with durable materials, a waterproof exterior, and standing at only 9 inches tall, you can take this monster anywhere you want for the perfect party. I won’t lie, I was scared to put it in the water at first, but the Megablast survived without a single issue or glitch.

Regardless of if you’re indoors or outdoors, you can use Bluetooth to play music from any of your favorite streaming services right on your phone. Additionally, you can download the Ultimate Ears app and pair your device to change the bass, mid, and treble levels to fit your custom environment. All of it’s a breeze to work, and there’s only four essential buttons on the speaker: your volume up, your volume down, your Bluetooth pairing button, and the power switch.

But the greatest thing about the Megablast when compared to other speakers is that you won’t need to press buttons half the time because the whole speaker is Amazon Alexa enabled. Recognizable on the Alexa app as its own unit, you can ask it the same questions you ask your regular Alexa device, or just use it to swap songs and change volume levels without having to look at your phone. It’s a great way to make sure the party never stops.

While the Alexa features are convenient, they are not as responsive as a standard smart speaker. I found myself having to repeat phrases over and over to get a clear message, and sometimes, Alexa would just ignore me. While that could be attributed to a fault in Amazon’s responsiveness, it certainly was frustrating at times. Luckily, that’s the only qualm I have about the Megablast, and Ultimate Ears offers a wide array of speakers that aren’t Alexa-enabled if that isn’t something you’re desperate for.

From the Ultimate Ears’ app, you can check your battery level as well, so you know how much life is left on your 16-hour long battery charge. Additionally, you can opt in to get the Power Up Charging Dock to make life even easier than it already is. Simply remove the standard D-ring, replace it with the charging D-ring that comes in the Power Up kit, and plug your dock in so you can keep on rocking for as long as you want.

The Megablast comes in 4 sleek colors, including a standard black and gray “Graphite” color scheme, a majestic maroon red called “Merlot,” an ice-cold navy deemed “Blue Steel,” or the “Blizzard” white edition. Each one gives you the same, immense power, but you can customize the color to your personality or home.

After trying dozens of Bluetooth speakers that either break, have mediocre quality, or just don’t function smooth enough, I can finally say I’ve found the one that suits any situation. Especially as a college kid, you need a speaker that’s going to keep up with the crazy lifestyle you have. That’s why the Ultimate Ears Megablast deserves the title of the ultimate wireless Bluetooth speaker, and it has earned it justly.