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Possible Alternatives to Google Services


Just in case you don’t want your online life to be in the hands of an all-seeing, all-knowing computer god.

Google may be known as a one-stop shop for all necessary, and even unnecessary, services on all things technology-related, but not everyone is too keen on using them.

While anti-trust laws in the EU made Google legally obligated to let users know about various apps and browsers even from competitors, the lack of such laws in the US means consumers don’t get the same peace of mind. Here are some pretty good alternatives to Google services.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome and its built-in search engine is Google’s most popular service to date. Many people opt for this browser thanks to its ease of use, customization options, and general reliability. Worthy alternatives include Safari, Firefox, Opera, and, I guess, Edge.

Google Search

Google’s search engine is the largest search engine on the planet, capable of pulling up billions of results in just a few seconds. Well, maybe not billions, but definitely enough to give you all the information you need. Other search engines are starting to step up to the challenge though, such as Duck Duck Go.


If you don’t want to use Google’s default mail app, you can easily download third-party apps that can do the same thing, if not better. Edison Mail, for example, keeps your documents organized and safe at all times. If you need a completely new email, you can try out an oldie but goodie in the email industry: Yahoo mail.

These are just some of the things that you can switch Google services out for. What are you waiting for? Try out one of these now!