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How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint When Traveling

Image from Mother Nature Network

Every little bit helps.

With global warming threatening to change our climate for the worse, scientists and experts are now warning everyone to be warier of our individual effects on the environment. Without knowing, we regularly take actions resulting in the release of harmful gases into the air that further worsens the problem.

For frequent flyers out there, here’s how you can reduce your carbon footprint when flying.

1.  Pack light

When you pack light, you also lessen the weight that the plane needs to carry, at least in some way. But when everyone on the plane packs lighter than average, that leads to considerable savings in terms of gas emissions that can be harmful to the atmosphere.

2. Lessen your wastes during the flight

Food and water wastes also contribute to harmful carbon emissions. If you can, just bring a BPA-free washable water bottle with you during your travels so that you don’t need to keep buying water in disposable plastic bottles all the time.

3. Fly economy instead of business class

Business class may be more comfortable than economy class, but think about why that is. If you said, “because it’s more spacey,” then that’s absolutely correct. Upper class seating takes up more space than economy class, which means that large planes with these classes tend to use up more fuel.

4. Use only eco-friendly items

Eco-friendly items usually means that the items are either manufactured using eco-friendly processes or created with eco-friendly raw materials. Making the switch could mean a lot to our environment, especially if enough people do it.

5. Look for other alternatives to flying

Above all else, you can always look for other alternatives to flying. If you’re not in a hurry anyway, or if the place you’re going to is not that far, you can always take available land transportation. This can be in the form of a train, a bus, or even a private car.