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NASA Shares New Astronaut Suit Designs with Twitter


Twitter promptly called the fashion police.

If there’s one thing on NASA’s current bucket list, it’s getting astronauts onto the moon a second time. In fact, the prolific space agency is hoping to have another walker on the moon’s surface by 2024. But it’s been quite a few years since 1969, and many advances in space-fairing tech have come and gone. Possibly the most important one to a moonwalker is the spacesuit.

NASA’s been brainstorming on some new spacesuits; what features they should have, how form-fitting they should be, and of course, how cool they should look. In a post on their official Twitter, NASA shared one idea of what a moonwalking astronaut could look like in five years.

Most Twitter users were eccstatic about the idea of more folks on the moon, but several took notice of a particular quirk of this hypothetical suit, exemplified best by this tweet here:

I imagine now that you’ve read that, you can’t see that suit as anything but a hiker in daisy dukes. Sorry about that. Still, as with all things, fashion has to evolve, and evolution requires some missteps. Hopefully, whenever the next astronauts touch down on the Moon, they won’t step out dressed like a tourist in Florida.