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Get a Load of This Fancy Tech!

Credit: Trusted Reviews

We’ve blurred the line between consumer electronics and works of art.

Think about how the world has been transformed over the past ten years. Imagine what your ancestors would think if they were alive today to see what technology has done to our world. Changes are happening so frequently these days that we may be missing some of the most amazing new advancements occurring all around us. Here are a few examples.

Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony Television

This television combines entertainment and art. The massive 77-inch monitor is made of materials that include aluminum and oak. The oak is made along the base of the television and also houses the speakers. When the television is not being used, it will hide behind the rotated speakers and become an incredible work of art that you can display in your home.

Table Objet Multipurpose Bedside Table

It is hard to spruce up a nightstand to stand out in a room, but Table Objet accomplishes this task with abandon. It combines to form a table, speaker, lamp, and wireless charger. You wouldn’t even know it could do all that just from looking at it, would you?

Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair

If you are stuck in an office all day, you might as well sit in comfort, right? This chair has been carefully designed to keep people as comfortable as possible from the moment they sit down to the moment they get up. The chair will intuitively adjust to your movements with a back that provides you the support you need from any position.

Saint Laurent Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas Moving Display Speaker

The Lyric Speaker Canvas is unlike any speaker system we have seen before. The canvas will display the lyrics across the screen while adding electrifying animation for each word. The speaker will not only produce tremendous sound but will also create quite a talking piece for a house party.

C SEED 201 Giant Outdoor LED TV

Hanging outside and watching TV has become more and more popular these days. The C SEED 201 measures 201 inches diagonally while standing 15 feet tall. This television is built to survive outdoor living and when not in use, it lives in the ground. When you are ready to watch TV, all you need to do is raise it from down under. Pretty cool!