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Razer’s Arctech Case Will Keep Your iPhone Safe and Cool

Credit: Razer

Protecting your smartphone has become almost as important as deciding on what kind of smartphone to purchase.

Razer is inserting itself prominently into the iPhone case world. What is so unique about this their case though? There are hundreds to choose from, why is this so revolutionary? The Arctech case is perfect for people who use their phones predominantly for gaming purposes. The company relies on a custom-developed thermaprene material with perforations that are used to transfer the heat away from 2018 and newer iPhones.

The actual case design is built to protect your phone in superior ways. The outside is made of a polycarbonate/thermoplastic hybrid that is supposed to help you keep control over your phone and not drop it. Microfiber on the inside is designed to keep your phone free of scratches. The case works with wireless chargers as well.

The Arctech comes in Black, Mercury, or Quartz. The product ranges in price from $30-$40. For an additional $40, customers can purchase a screen protector that promises to stop the blue light that is emitted by a phone to spare your eyes from any strain.

With the amount of money it costs to purchase the phone, it is worth the few extra dollars to keep it as protected as you possibly can.