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Amazon Announces Writeable Kindle

Credit: Unsplash

The Kindle Scribe can be drawn on with a stylus.

eReaders, as their name implies, are primarily intended for reading purposes. While eReaders have become more technologically advanced over the years, offering new services like music or web browsing, the reading aspect still remains the primary focus. However, Amazon is releasing a new model of their Kindle eReader that could change that a bit.

Yesterday, alongside a series of other new product reveals, Amazon debuted the Kindle Scribe, a Kindle eReader with a bundled stylus pen and writing functionality. Using the touch screen tech that most Kindles already have included alongside a firmware update, the Kindle Scribe allows users to draw or write notes drawings or notes onto any book they read on it. This could be particularly helpful for students looking to take notes while reading school-assigned books or textbooks, as well as the naturally absent-minded who like to doodle while they read. The Scribe can also be used independently of books to make sticky notes or lists, and with the Send-to-Kindle function, you can also scribble on any PDFs or images sent from your computer.

The base model of the Kindle Scribe will cost $339 and include Amazon’s Basic Pen stylus. For $30 more, you can get Amazon’s Premium Pen, which includes a digital eraser and shortcut button. The eReader also comes with three storage sizes, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. All versions are set to ship on November 30, with pre-orders open now.