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A Robot For All Occasions

UnCached has talked about robots for all occasions: companionship, therapy, etc. We even asked if therapists would become irrelevant thanks to chatbots that console humans based on computer algorithms. Today, we have the ultimate form of robot that is poised to take over the therapy industry and you’ll never believe what it is. He’s huge, he’s powerful, he’s…


HuggieBot is a robot designed to hug people in need of hugs. Developed by researchers as a test to see how humans would psychologically react when in contact with a robot or A.I. But now, its designers want to continue improving HuggieBot so he can continue to provide the service and comfort that he was designed for. He’s like a live action Baymax.

HuggieBot uses pressure sensors that depict, when a human hugs it, where the pressure should be applied or relieved in order for it to give the most optical hug possible. It also has the power to make its hugs heated, putting more warmth into the comfort of hugs. Think Olaf from Frozen.

The core of HuggieBot is a modified PR2 robot that stands as tall as the average human. While he’s not fully autonomous yet, there are plans to create a more dynamic version that may very well one day be a breakthrough for emotional support robots.