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Smart Gadgets to Travel With

Image Credit: spotmyuv

All the gadgets the Family Truckster could need.

When you’re planning a long trip, it helps to have a few contingencies on hand. You never know when some kind of mild inconvenience is gonna hit you. Check out these gadgets to save yourself a few headaches down the road.

Mosquito Repellent Bands

For just under $20, you can purchase Deet-Free Mosquito repellent bands from Para Kito. Natural essential oils keep bugs away, and keep you from having to constantly spray everyone while hanging in the woods. These bands come in multiple colors and patterns, and include two refillable pellets that last up to 15 days.

UV Detection Stickers

How many times do we spray on sunscreen and forget to constantly reapply throughout the day? SPOTMUV developed these clear UV detection stickers that will turn purple when a reapply is needed. This can serve as a quick reminder to load the sunscreen back on and stay safe out on the beach. You can purchase twelve stickers for the price of $11.99.

Waboba Balls

Beach games are all the rage these days, and playing ball in the water is no exception. The only problem is, many times that ball gets easily lost under the waves. You can purchase a Waboba Woofpack that contains a hard rubber disc, durable high-bouncing ball and another that bounces on the water for your four-legged friend. These balls will bounce on the water so that you will never lose sight of them again. Different packages are available from $6.99 to $19.99.

Belmont Blanket

This blanket is the perfect accessory for the beach, car, or campsite. One side of the blanket is waterproof, while the other side keeps you nice and cozy. It is durable enough so that the dogs don’t destroy it and it can easily be tossed into the washing machine without any issues. No more having to sit on a soaked towel and feel wet all day. For $110, this blanket will be well worth the money after just a few uses!