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Nintendo Direct Rumored for This Month

Credit: DualShockers

It has been a few months…

Boy, the year just started yesterday, and the rumor mill is already chugging along. Rumors have begun circulating that Nintendo will be holding a new Nintendo Direct presentation some time this month. Now, Doug Bowser could sneeze, and some people would think a Direct was coming, but there are a couple of interesting pieces of evidence.

A Twitter user, @YuYuKamii, uncovered a listing from GameStop featuring a bunch of unclaimed SKUs. If you don’t know, “SKU” means “Stock-keeping Unit.” It’s retail lingo for a particular brand of product. In the case of GameStop, a blank SKU means a placeholder for an upcoming game release. When a game is announced, GameStop slots it into an SKU and opens pre-orders. This has actually happened previously; GameStop has listed multiple SKUs ahead of a Nintendo Direct so hype-fueled Switch owners can pre-order right away.

Additionally, game developer Atlus posted on their own Twitter, teasing an upcoming update on Shin Megami Tensei V. That game was announced for the Switch way back before the console even launched and has been lying dormant ever since, so if they were to make an official announcement on it, it would definitely be in a Direct headline.

It’s been a hot minute since the last full Direct, and the number of games without concrete dates has dwindled somewhat, so it would definitely be a good time to stir the pot a bit. We also still need to know who the last DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate‘s first Fighter Pass is. Don’t keep us in suspense, now.