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Dell Developing Nintendo Switch Look-a-Like

Credit: Alienware

Something looks a little off with this Switch…

While it’s not the most powerful console on the market, the combination of the Switch’s handheld gimmick and solid first-and-third party support have made it quite the popular console. Unlike previous generations, though, Microsoft and Sony are pretty content doing their own things right now, so there isn’t anyone trying to ape Nintendo’s shtick. Or at least there wasn’t.

Dell announced at CES that they are currently developing a handheld gaming PC under the Alienware brand tentatively titled the UFO. One look at it, and you would be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of foreign knock-off Switch. The UFO has two controller modules that can either be attached to the center tablet or removed and attached into a separate dock to make a controller. The tablet can also be connected to a display and controlled with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Specs are still a little murky; all we know at the moment is that the UFO will feature a 10th gen Intel Core processor running Windows 10, Thunderbolt connectivity, and an eight-inch screen with 1900×1200 display.

A gaming PC with the Switch’s versatility does sound promising, though the big question mark on the project is the game library. Dell has not revealed how games will be loaded onto the UFO; it could have Steam support, Windows Store support, or Dell could be working on something of their own. Anything other than Steam support may have difficulty competing with the Switch’s catalog. Whatever Dell’s game plan is here, it’s sure to be an uphill battle.