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Apple Rumored to be Developing Gaming Mac

Credit: TweakTown

And it’ll only cost you five grand.

Macs, at least as far as my perception goes, have always been arty, trendy computers. More for the clout, less for the functionality. However, there is quite a sizable crowd of Mac-using gamers out there, and to accommodate them, more PC games have Mac support than ever before. The problem, though, is that if you want to play high-end games, only the highest-end Macs come even close to meeting requirements. If that’s a concern of yours, then you may be in luck, because Apple is rumored to be developing something with a little more muscle.

According to recent rumors, Apple may be developing a specialized Mac for gaming, with the intent of getting into the increasingly lucrative eSports scene. Since it’s only a rumor, details are understandably scarce, but the rig is believed to be either an all-in-one desktop with a large screen or a gaming laptop, also with a large screen. The one thing that the rumor mills seem to agree upon is the supposed price point: $5,000. Exorbitant, to be sure, but definitely not out of character for Apple.

If Apple were to reveal such a product, it is believed they would do so at their next Global Developer Conference in June of 2020. Whether that means the rig would release that same year is unknown.