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Google Teams Up with Pluto for Streaming Channels

Credit: Unsplash

The partnership will bring 300 ad-supported channels to Google TV.

As cord-cutting and streaming become more commonplace, both consumers and companies have been seeking out ways to bring the classic live TV paradigm into the modern age. One of those companies is Pluto, whose Pluto TV streaming app features a multitude of channels dedicated to streaming shows of all shapes and sizes. Pluto has dedicated apps on several platforms already, including desktop PCs and Roku streaming players, but as of yesterday, they’ve started up a new partnership with a lucrative client.

In a blog post yesterday, Google announced that they have teamed up with Pluto to bring the Pluto TV streaming app to devices utilizing the Google TV framework such as Google’s own Chromecast.

“Starting today, we’re partnering with Pluto TV so you can access more than 300 free live TV channels on Google TV,” Google said in their blog post. “Visit the Live tab to see what’s on now or check out the Free Live TV recommendations in the For You tab. This new integration with Pluto TV will be available on all Google TV devices in the coming weeks.”

All of Pluto’s channel’s are ad-supported, so they don’t require any kind of premium subscription to watch. The service offers streaming counterparts to many well-known cable networks like Comedy Central, CBS News, and Showtime, as well as special channels dedicated to streaming a single show or kind of show. This includes dedicated anime channels, game show channels, and even an entire channel dedicated to the Star Trek franchise.