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Twitter CEO Stepping Down

Credit: Unsplash

Insider sources claim Jack Dorsey is on his way out.

Say what you will about Twitter (and there’s certainly plenty to say), but it has been one of the most successful and ubiquitous social media platforms on the entire internet since its beginnings in 2007. The platform was originally created by Jack Dorsey, who also served as the company CEO until 2008, though he then returned to the position in 2015. Twitter is in the midst of an aggressive push toward both user-friendliness (or something akin to that) and all-encompassing monetization. Earlier this year, Twitter spokespeople said that they hope to have at least 315 million monetizable users by the year 2023.

It’s because of these aggressive goals that it’s so surprising that Dorsey is apparently on his way out. According to alleged insider sources within Twitter that spoke to CNBC’s David Faber, Dorsey will be stepping down from his role as CEO of Twitter in the very near future. While this is plenty surprising as it is, what makes it even more confusing is the fact that apparently, nobody knows who will be taking his place. Whoever would try to take command of Twitter as it is right now would have to be a very particular kind of brave or crazy, though, so perhaps that’s not that surprising.

Dorsey hasn’t been especially secretive about his interests in other emerging fields, especially decentralized ones like cryptocurrency and Web3. Though, apparently he still cares a lot about his creation, as just last night he posted a tweet to his personal Twitter that simply read “I love Twitter.”

At time of writing, Twitter corporate has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors of Dorsey’s departure.