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Gadgets That Are Barely Holding On

Photo Credit: Gizmodo

They may be down, but they’re not quite out.

In a recent article, we looked at some gadgets that have become relatively extinct over the past several years. Today, we will look at some gadgets that should be extinct but are hanging on by the thread of a needle.

Vinyl Records: This may come as a bit of a surprise, but record players seem to be making a slight comeback, which means that vinyl records will be sticking around as well. Music often goes hand-in-hand with trendiness, so any tech related to music usually has some extra staying power.

Floppy Disks: Very few people born after 1995 would have any idea what a floppy disk is. These are obsolete to the general public, but are still currently being used by the US military as a little bit of extra safety against wireless hacking.

Fax Machines: Most duties handled by fax machines are now done through copy machines. Many people are now able to regularly email .PDF files without the need for a fax machine, but most offices still hold on to them anyway. With computer issues and emails getting lost, it is still always a safe bet to just send a fax.

Checkbooks: Technically not a gadget, but still. As most people have money directly sent or withdrawn from an online bank app, the use of a checkbook is extremely rare today. Many people are also able to take advantage of apps like Venmo, in which you can route money right over to your bank when you owe people. But, some people still enjoy having the peace of mind of writing and keeping track of a physical checkbook.

Travel Agents: Okay, definitely not a gadget, but similar principle. Remember the days when you would call a travel agent and get your whole trip set up? Well, that isn’t really happening today. There are so many online programs available to book the best and most affordable trips available. With all the deals that people can take advantage of online, it is much easier to sit at the comfort of your computer and book the trip of your dreams. But, if you don’t trust yourself, travel agents are still around, ready and waiting for your business!