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Gaze At The History of Long-Gone Gadgets

Photo Credit: Silicon

It’s hard to believe how much technology has evolved over the past 50 years.

Many gadgets that humans were so accustomed to using on a daily basis no longer exist. Today’s article is a way for us to pay tribute to those gadgets that paved the way to our world as it exists today.

Walkman: Imagine going for a run today and carrying around that monstrous device! Its bulky stature allowed for the playing of the newest hits on the radio and cassette. But, the Walkman paved the way for MP3 players.

Dial-up Internet: Remember how frustrating it was when you were in the middle of something important on the Internet and someone picked up the phone? And down goes the connection! But, this concept has paved the way for the World Wide Web explosion that we currently enjoy from absolutely anywhere today.

Pagers: You were cool if you had a pager. Business people everywhere were seen walking around with these belt clip devices. Cell phones were not serving the function they do today, so pagers were invaluable.

Typewriters: A world without spell check? Yikes! You were on your own to make as few mistakes as you could with the typewriter. The cool clicking sound with each stroke made you feel like you were creating a masterpiece. Every now and then you can still hear the clicking of someone using a typewriter, though more for novelty purposes or a lack of a computer.

Payphones: Remember getting cramped in that little booth, putting in your quarter, and calling someone? This was the easiest form of trying to stay safe out on the streets and communicate with your loved ones. Now, walk down a street and see how many people are walking around with their phones.

It’s surprising how seamlessly we transitioned to the new gadgets we have today after having these devices. What is even scarier to think is what we will have on this list 50 years from now.