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From Human Facial Recognition to… Dog Recognition?

Photo Credit: Hector Retamal/AFP

If it has a face, it can be recognized. Or a nose, in this case.

China’s Megvii Technology Limited is working on a way for us to keep tabs on our furry little friends. The same company that is supplying facial recognition surveillance software to the Chinese government is taking its talents into the dog-care industry.

The focus of the startup will be IDing a dog’s nose. Each dog has a unique nose that resembles the uniqueness of human fingerprints. They believe this will be a less invasive and more productive substitution to chip implants. Once the dog’s nose has been captured, a program will scan and locate key identifying figures to create a profile for the dog.

The program has a 95% accuracy record in identifying the dog’s identity. This tech program will also have the ability to monitor the behavior patterns of their owners. Too many times owners are neglecting their dogs and abusing them. This program will know exactly what is going on with the dog and can help rescue companies to see if owners have any past issues with dogs.

China has seen a huge increase in pet ownership, but the government has also received many more complaints about the way pet owners take care of their pets. This has prompted the government to impose stricter regulations. To have this artificial intelligence available to help monitor the pets and the owners can help them enforce their regulations.