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Ways Your Smartphone May Be Ruining Your Life

While I’m not 100 percent on board with the “smart phones are bad for us” propaganda that researchers seem to have evidence of, I do like to stay open-minded about the potential dangers of screen addiction. Scientists have done research and experiments that point to some of the ways that overusing a smartphone can be negatively impacting our health. While a portion of this may be speculation, it’s always best to know what risks could be coming from your cellular device.

The first study showed a six percent increase in test scores by students who were under a strict smartphone ban. While not monumental, it can show that the distraction smartphones cause may be affecting how much kids and teens focus on their school work.

That fact in itself may not be shocking, but one study does point out that the radiation caused from smartphones may be causing memory loss in teenagers. According to this study conducted by Swiss Tropical and the Public Health Institute, holding your smartphone to your right ear could negatively affect the right hemisphere of the brain, causing damage to figural memory such as shape and pattern recognition.

We also know that there is a large social impact that comes from having a smartphone. Self-esteem issues arise in adolescents who base their self worth on how many likes their posts get. While not physically detrimental, it can cause a lot of harm in the vulnerable stages of growing kids and teens.

I’m not saying we need to ban our smartphones and dump them in the trash, but maybe its time to lessen our screen time to make way for more productive activities.