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Sony Patents Prescription Glasses with a VR Twist


Glasses in your glasses so you can see while you see.

Sony has patented what seem to be prescription glasses with eye-tracking sensors and the ability to connect to VR headsets just like Sony’s own PSVR.

The strange thing about this is that Sony didn’t emphasize on the eye-tracking capabilities, but rather on its compatibility with VR headsets. And not in any special way, either; simply put, Sony may be planning on manufacturing prescription glasses that can fit inside VR headsets, something that not a lot of other headsets can manage.

When it comes to the glasses’ eye-tracking capabilities though, the product does show a lot of promise. According to the patent, the sensor can actually figure out “gaze information of the user in order to improve quality of content provided for rendering on the head mounted display.”

Using eye-tracking, the device will be able to track the position of the user’s eyes in order to render the entirety of the screen within the center of the user’s vision. Anything outside of this will not be rendered, but users will no longer be able to notice this since it lies outside or far into the user’s peripheral vision. This could reduce the power demands that VR machines are put under during a game.

There’s no news yet as to whether this product will actually make it to the market, but it’s still an interesting consideration, to say the least.