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Have the PlayStation 5 Launch Titles Been Leaked?


A potential taste of the future to come?

Sony’s next iteration in the PlayStation series, the PS5, may be coming sooner rather than later. And based on some rumors reported on, it seems like its list of titles available at launch will consist of some rather solid picks.

The leaker, who is claiming to be a “third-party European developer” working on one of the launch titles for PS5 posted a note on Pastebin that contained some information about the much-awaited console.

“I’m a third party small developer from EU,” the note began. “For the last 8 months, [I’ve] been helping a well-known company in [an] AAA game development that is set to release in 2020 as a [launch] game for PS5.”

The games listed include PS5 exclusives such as Gran Turismo 7, which also comes with VR support, The Last of Us Part II, a 4k remaster of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Ghost of Tsushima Remastered. The list also includes non-PS5 exclusive games such as Battlefield Bad Company 3, Harry Potter, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed, and Horizon 2, which is apparently bound for release in 2021. The leaker also says that there will be more games that have no titles yet for both VR and PS5. does note that this is most likely a hoax. Regardless, with at least a whole more year before the release of PS5, it’s still a nice list to ponder about.