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‘Red Dead Online’ Overrun with Mysterious Horses

Credit: Unsplash

I don’t think the Wild West was supposed to have this many horses.

With its trademark Wild West setting, one should expect to see a fair number of horses galloping across the plains of Red Dead Online, both wild and owned by players. That said, it seems something screwy is brewing out on range, as not only has there been a bizarre increase in wild horses in the game, but they’re almost ghostly in nature.

Red Dead Online recently received its newest update, titled “Blood Money,” which introduced some new missions and a few minor gameplay tweaks. The release of this update seems to have sent something in the game’s code sideways, however, as ever since it was applied last week, players have been reporting random dead horses covering the wilderness, as well as seemingly player-owned horses running rampant, occasionally crashing into other players. These player-owned horses can’t be interacted with at all, even when the player who supposedly owns them tries to. What’s stranger is that players have encountered these horses while riding the actual horses they own, which apparently makes them mysterious ghost clones.

Rockstar hasn’t yet commented on the spate of mystery horses, but the playerbase has begun offering some theories as to what’s causing this bug. One prevailing theory is that something’s gone wrong with the game’s stable system. There’s a small cutscene that plays when you enter a stable that shows your horse running out of it. The theory is that these running horses are appearing on the map, even when they aren’t actually brought out. It’s also been theorized that these horses are remnants of players who log out of the game while on horseback, a fairly common occurrence.

Whatever the case, chances are good that it’ll get patched out soon enough. For the time being, just try to look both ways when you’re riding down the road, lest your horse get T-boned by another horse.