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Sony to Begin Shipping More PlayStation 5s

Credit: Unsplash

Hopefully, you can actually get one this year.

Though it’s already been out for about a year, many people are still having difficulty getting their hands on a PlayStation 5. Entire communities have sprung up to watch retailers like Walmart and Target like hawks, and the moment any shipments come in, they sell out almost immediately. It’s become something of a point of contention on social media platforms, to the point that the difficulty of obtaining PS5s has become a meme in itself. However, if Sony is to be believed, these days of scarcity may soon be behind us.

Sony announced today that it has successfully managed to secure a steady supply of the chips and semiconductors required for the PS5’s construction. As the tech industry is currently in the midst of a chip shortage, this is no small feat. With this new supply queued up, Sony is planning to go whole-hog on its PS5 manufacturing, with plans to ship an additional 14.8 million consoles by the end of the current fiscal year. They’re hoping that, if they can pull this off, they can reach a total install base of 22.6 million units.

It’s a great time to begin shipping out consoles more aggressively, as according to a Bloomberg report, the base PS5 console model is no longer selling at a loss. The $499.99 model is finally bringing in a return profit, and offsetting losses incurred in the manufacture and sale of PlayStation 4 consoles. I guess, in spite of the scarcity of PS5s, the sheer ferocity with which people have been hunting them down has still played to Sony’s favor.