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New Steam Feature to Bring Local Multiplayer Online

Credit: Steam

Couch co-op, now on two couches.

The modern gaming climate has seen a resurgence of local multiplayer-centric games. Games like Enter the Gungeon and Duck Game are definitely best played with someone sitting right next to you (in fact, some games can’t be played any other way). But life is complicated, and you can’t always have your friend sitting right next to you, so some games simply cannot be played. But with a new Steam feature, that may change.

Valve announced earlier in the week that a new feature is coming to Steam known as “Remote Play Together.” In simplest terms, this features will allow local multiplayer-exclusive games to be played online. One player acts as the game host, and up to three other players (depending on the game, of course) can join in and stream the game at 1080p and 60 FPS, internet speed permitting. Remote Play Together is supposed to be compatible with all local multiplayer games, and should be able to read any type of controller. It’s like Steam’s current Remote Play feature, except instead of letting you play your games anywhere, now your friends can play your games anywhere with you.

Remote Play Together will be coming to Steam in a beta update on October 21st. Maybe now I can try playing as the Cultist in Enter the Gungeon