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PlayStation 5 is Officially On the Way

Credit: SlashGear

We all kinda knew this was coming, but now it’s OFFICIAL.

I do so love the smell of new game consoles in the morning. Smells like… good graphics. While I haven’t been on the PlayStation bandwagon in a while, Sony has long since earned my respect for their proficiency in creating gaming hardware. The last few generations, they’ve either been top of the line or neck and neck with Microsoft. Now that the current generation is coming to a close, it’s time to start dialing up the hype for the next one.

In an exclusive interview with WIRED magazine on Tuesday, Sony officially announced that the PlayStation 5 is planned for a 2020 holiday season release. Mark Cerny, the development head honcho for the project, dropped a few tidbits about the console’s capabilities. If you don’t put a lot of stock in specs, then this is going to be a lot of jargon, but the short version is that it will have faster load times, better graphics, and comfy controllers.

The long version is that the PS5 will be equipped with a powerful SSD that slices load times like a hot knife through butter. To accommodate bigger, better games, the console will use 100 GB optical discs. The console will also feature hardware ray-tracing to further improve visuals, as well as improved haptic feedback grips on controllers.

No word yet on launch titles, but tests have been run using PS4 games like Spider-Man (which showed drastically reduced load times, by the by), so hopefully there will be some backwards compatibility.