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Netflix To Release AR Mobile Game For ‘Stranger Things’

I’m gonna be really mad if a demogorgon pops out of my phone and kills me.

It’s quite obvious that Netflix has been experimenting with new technology recently, starting with its first-ever interactive movie, Black Mirror‘s first full-length film, Bandersnatch. Now, the video streaming company is planning to release a new mobile game based on one of its biggest and most popular original series, Stranger Things. But it won’t be just any game; together with Finnish developer Next Games, Netflix is actually exploring the possibility of an augmented reality game similar to Niantic and Game Freak’s Pokemon GO.

The game will be free-to-play on mobile and will feature the dark world of Upside Down as seen in the series. It will also make use of the smartphone user’s GPS to offer various challenges and special events, just like in Pokemon GO. As players walk around in real life, they will be able to explore the Upside Down through their phone screens as though they are also inside of it.

According to Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games, the studio’s members are “huge fans of Stranger Things”  and are “thrilled to work together with Netflix to bring our shared vision of Stranger Things into life in a mobile game format.”

As for when the game is getting released, there are no specific dates yet as of now, but Netflix is hoping for an official launch by 2020.