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Xbox Scarlett Will Feature Backwards Compatibility

A good gaming catalog is always growing.

If you’re already an Xbox player and you’re worried that upgrading to the newest console will disallow you from playing your older games, fret not. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Scarlett will be completely backward compatible with older titles.

In an interview with Gaming Instincts about the Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft’s Ben Stillwell said “that as a company, it’s important for us that compatibility is something that we’re working on. The team that I was on previously that did the Xbox Backwards Compatibility, we also did all of the Xbox One X compatibility before we went to the next console. So it’s certainly something that as a company we have a great platform change and it’s something that keeps going no matter what we do.”

The new Xbox Scarlett will be able to play titles from all previous generations of Xbox, such as the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even the original Xbox which was initially released almost 18 years ago in November 2001.