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Multi-Stream View Rumored for YouTube TV

Credit: Unsplash

You could run multiple live streams at once on a single TV.

Due to a combination of new features and sheer ubiquity, YouTube has become one of the primary platforms of choice for streamers and live online content, right up there with Twitch. Putting aside some of the site’s mildly obnoxious terms and requirements, it does play host to live content that appeals to all audiences, from VTubers to live sports. These features extent to YouTube TV as well, though in the near future, we could get an even more advanced version of that.

According to a Protocol report, Google is developing a new “Mosaic Mode” for YouTube TV. This mode would allow a user to divide their screen up into up to four smaller screens and show a livestream on each (though how you would change the focus on each screen wasn’t clarified). The feature was revealed in a private presentation to Google’s smart TV partners alongside other new features for YouTube Music.

Assuming this announcement is genuine, it could be a potential cash cow for YouTube and Google, especially since they just recently inked a deal with the NBA to show live coverage of the upcoming Basketball season on YouTube TV. The feature is expected to only be available at first for Google and Android-based smart TVs, but will then be rolled out to other smart TV manufacturers like LG and Samsung.