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Apple Allegedly Increasing In-App Ads

Credit: Unsplash

Apps like Maps, Podcasts, and Books could start seeing more ads.

As one of the largest, most powerful tech companies in the world, Apple unsurprisingly gets a lot of revenue from advertising, both for itself and on behalf of other companies and developers. Currently, Apple is estimated to turn a roughly $4 billion profit on advertising yearly. However, Apple may be looking to transform that $4 billion into $10 billion by boosting ad frequency in iPhone apps.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is allegedly planning to increase the frequency of in-app advertisements on iPhone apps, particularly in apps that did not have ads previously. This means that not only would they be boosting the occurrence of ads in apps that already have them like the App Store, but we may begin seeing them where they previously weren’t such as Apple Maps, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books.

According to analysts from Needham & Company, this boost in advertising is poised to be Apple’s next big moneymaking venture. “AAPL has best-in-class user data,” they said. “If it builds a DSP (demand side platform), AAPL can control how and where its data gets used, and can prevent data leakage outside their Walled Garden.”

Apple has found success in pushing ads from their various advertising partners, and its proprietary Ad Platform has proven to be attractive and intuitive enough to continuously attract new partners.