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Is The Nintendo 64 Classic Imminent?

When Nintendo created the SNES Classic, they had no idea that it would become the best selling console on the market. It reaffirmed for them that retro gaming was making a comeback and gamers wanted easier access to older content. They even inspired Sony to make their own Playstation Classic. Now, it looks like Nintendo is going to take another console and give it the throwback treatment: the Nintendo 64.

Undoubtedly the highest selling console of the 90s, the N64 was a breath of three-diemensional light into gaming’s lungs. This was the first time characters like Mario and Link could appear rendered in 3-D, polygonal shapes. It was ahead of its time and rewrote the standards for what a video game should look, sound, and feel like. Fans have been urging Nintendo to revisit this timeless console, and they finally seem to be listening.

A new trademark, along with a leaked image of a smaller-than-normal N64 controller almost guarantee that, sometime next year, the console will have a classic edition. And if the console doesn’t come to fruition, let this article serve as a point of interest, pleading to the higher-ups at Nintendo that gamers would love an N64 Classic Edition on the market.