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Is This A New Pokémon?

A few days ago, a data miner for the popular application Pokémon Go found a strange “placeholder” model for what appears to be a new Pokémon. The model for the new collectible monster showed up under Kecleon’s number in the Pokédex, but theorists quickly assumed it was a new addition to the growing roster of characters for the sole reason that, if Niantic Labs needed a placeholder, they would use something much more simpler than the creature they designed.

That’s not to say this new Pokémon is fantastically detailed, per say. People have claimed it to be a “Ditto with a gear on its head” because it essentially is a gray blob with a golden cog for an eye/head. While we’re not sure where this new Pokémon came from, or what he represents, the franchise has once again piqued gamer’s interests.

This new Pokémon could be a tease for the next generation of Pokémon which is set to release in 2019. On the other hand, it could be a Let’s Go exclusive, considering the new Switch title teased that it would be adding a new Pokémon. Surprisingly, a day after the leak went live, the creature started appearing as ??? and is currently able to be captured in Pokémon Go. Looks like Game Freak and The Pokémon Company decided to embrace the leak by sending their new creation immediately into the real world.