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If You Can’t Break It, Buy It

Everyone’s broken an iPhone charger before. It’s notorious at this point: you buy a new phone, it lasts you years, but you have to replace the charger every six months because the ends get frayed and the wiring protrudes through the plastic encasing. We’re all tired of this nonsense, and it’s time for something to change.

Meet Fuse Chicken, the company who said “enough is enough” and decided to make a phone charger that is wrapped in two layers of flexible steel, making it “indestructible.” The company promotes the products as “pet proof, human proof, and destruction proof.” I’m starting to believe these statements, too. The promo video shows a very buff man doing a pull up on the charger with no resistance.

If a really strong guy isn’t proof enough, watch the aptly named Titan Cable get run over by a GMC truck and then pulled from its trailer hitch. Yeah, they went all-out with this innovation. Not only is this a display of great marketing, but also of companies listening to the issues consumers have with current-market products and creating solutions.

You can get the Titan Cable for only $34.95, which is still cheaper than a regular, flimsy Apple charger. We love you, Apple… just not your chargers.