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Is The iPhone XS Truly An “Excess” Development?

The world held its breath this morning during Apple’s latest reveal event. While everyone was expecting new iPhone X editions to be released, what we were not expecting was 3 variations of the iPhone X to be unveiled. Ultimately, it looks like Apple is killing off the old version of iPhones and going strictly forward into more expensive territory to bring its customers some of the highest tech features capable in a 6 inch device.

So now, we have the iPhone XS, the XS Max, and the XR coming out in just a few weeks. Yeah, pre-orders are going live THIS Friday for the XS editions, while the XR will be released in mid-October.

Now let’s analyze the pros and cons of upgrading. If you currently have an iPhone X… why bother switching? We have discovered that whenever there is an “S” year in iPhone releases, its basically the same phone being rereleased with a stronger internal processor and higher resolutions. The A12 Bionic Chip is guaranteed to render your apps and games at higher speeds than ever before, and the OLED screen is going to make the graphics and animations smoother and more detailed than ever, but these are minute upgrades not worth the steady $999 starting price.

The XS Max is the biggest iPhone to date, standing in at 6.5 inches of display. Some might even consider this “too big” for a phone. The Max has all the same features of the regular XS, its just bigger. And that doesn’t always mean better… but it sure is going to trick loyal Apple fans in spending up to 200 dollars more.

Before ending this analysis, I’d like to throw it back to the era of the iPhone 5 for a minute. This was when Apple truly diverted from their regular models and created the 5S and 5C alterations. Think of the iPhone XR as the 5C. It’s got LCD instead of OLED in its screen, its smaller, but uses the same A12 chip. Its not as advanced, but its for those people who don’t want to spend over a thousand dollars yet still want to be up to date. Plus, the XR is getting an array of colors rather than the bland silver, slate, and gold options.

If you have an iPhone X, keep it. If you’re still on a 6 or 7, upgrade to the XR. And if you’re truly looking to blast off into another dimension of smartphones completely, go for the XS Max.