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Google Ending Legacy Access to G Suite

Credit: Unsplash

Legacy users must subscribe or lose access.

Back in 2020, Google rebranded their suite of productivity apps, collectively known as “G Suite,” into Google Workspace. This suite includes apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Chat, and more. Since the rebranding, Google has been quietly tweaking its subscription plans while still allowing those who used the free legacy edition of G Suite, established in 2012, without additional charges. That period is coming to an end.

According to an email obtained by 9to5Google, Google is ending access to the legacy G Suite starting July 1, 2022. Shortly before this end of service, starting in May, Google will begin transitioning users of the free legacy G Suite to paid Workspace subscriptions. The precise plan that one is given will vary based on what apps they make the most use of. If a user is migrated to a paid subscription, they won’t be charged to use it for the first two months. However, once July comes around, if a user has not committed to the subscription by providing billing info, their account will be suspended, and they won’t be able to use any version of the suite until they buy a new subscription.

To clarify, this move only applies to those using the paid Workspace suite. Individual users using apps like Gmail and Drive can still do so free of charge, and nonprofit organizations and schools will still be able to use the suite for free.