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Google Play Store Adds ‘Offers’ Tab

Credit: Unsplash

Save a few bucks here and there.

Starting last year, Google began testing a new tab on the home page of its Google Play Store, where Android users download apps. The new tab, Offers, was tested in a limited capacity, showcasing deals, sales, and discounts not just on apps themselves, but on the services those apps provide. With the testing period concluded, Google has officially begun rolling out the new tab to the Play Store at large, and all users should start seeing it on their devices in short order.

The Offers tab will show deals and sales from Google’s top rated apps. For example, travel apps may have discounted flight tickets, food delivery apps may show local specials, game apps could show in-app purchase bundles, and so on.

In a statement posted on Google’s official blog, Allison Boyd of the Strava app said that “Offers is a win-win. We get an additional touchpoint with people to share information about a valuable promotion or update, and people can easily redeem the offer by opening the Strava app from the Offers tab.”

The Play Store previously had an “Offers and notifications” section in its lower navigational bar, though this menu only offered a handful of such notifications, and only for apps that users already had installed. The new Offers tab is more far-reaching, showcasing deals from apps across all of the Play Store’s categories.