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Galaxy Watch 5 Could Feature Impressive Battery Life

Credit: Unsplash

The watch is rumored to run for several days on one charge.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch is an impressive piece of wearable hardware. However, one of the most consistent complaints about its quality is its flimsy battery, which according to users can barely make it through an entire day on a full charge. According to rumors, Samsung’s next smartwatch development, the Galaxy Watch 5, could remedy this problem and then some.

According to a well-known Samsung leaker and rumor hunter, who goes by the Twitter handle Ice universe, the Galaxy Watch 5 could last up to three days on a single full charge. Not only would this be a major upgrade within the Samsung family of smartwatches, but this would be an impressive leap for wearable tech in general. Most smartwatches only last around two days at the very most on a full charge, but the Galaxy Watch 5 is said to employ the larger 572mAh battery, which would keep it going for much longer.

If these rumors are true, Samsung could become the new front-runner in smartwatch longevity. To sweeten matters, rumors have also begun circulating that the Galaxy Watch 5 will cost roughly the same as the Galaxy Watch 4, or only a little bit more for the Pro version. With enhanced features at nearly the same price point, Samsung would be offering quite the enticing deal.