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New Emojis Previewed for Mobile Devices

Credit: Unsplash

The new icons will release this September.

Emojis, both on Android and iPhone mobile devices, are all managed by a singular company, the Unicode Consortium. This company periodically releases new emojis to the world to reflect changing times and opinions, as well as just to give users a greater variety of expressions. The latest batch of emojis has been previewed ahead of their release later this year.

The new batch of emojis, included in version 15.0 of the list, include a shaking face, various multicolored hearts, and pushing hands in various skin tones. There are also new animals like a moose, a goose, a donkey, and a jellyfish, as well as various objects like a piece of ginger, a hair pick, a pair of maraccas, and more. Perhaps the most useful of these new emojis is a wireless symbol, which could be used to convey the absence or presence of a wireless signal.

There are a total of 31 new images in the set which, according to Emojipedia, is the fewest new emojis ever recommended by the Unicode Consortium in a new emoji set. The new emojis will likely be confirmed by Unicode around September of 2022, at which point they’ll start rolling out to mobile devices.