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‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Update Adding ‘Legend of Zelda’ Content

Credit: Nintendo

The Master Sword isn’t as picky as it used to be.

In the original Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, you could get all sorts of neat skins for Mario by scanning your Amiibo. Mystery Mushrooms would change him into characters like Mega Man, Samus, Pit, or Link, among many others, and also included sound effects from those characters’ respective games. The thing is, though, they were just skins; it was just a neat novelty to make Mario look like a different character. He couldn’t use Samus’ beam or Link’s sword, it was still just jumping and running. An upcoming update to Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch is beginning the rectifying process on this.

This coming Thursday, December 5, Super Mario Maker 2 will receive its version 2.0.0 update. This will add lots of new blocks and Mario enemies that were previously missing, such as Spikes and Pokeys. The real star of the update, though, is the addition of Legend of Zelda-themed content. In addition to Zelda blocks and emplacements, the update will add a Master Sword that, when picked up by Mario, will transform him into Link. This isn’t just a simple skin this time; several abilities from Link’s repertoire can be used in this state, such as sword slashes, downward thrusts, the bow and arrow, bombs, and a shield. This should open up some interesting new avenues for level and puzzle design for the game’s community to tinker with. The only drawback is that the Master Sword can only be used on 8-bit Mario stages.

The game is also receive a new mode, Ninji Speedruns, wherein players can compete to get the best times on courses developed by Nintendo themselves. If you picked up Super Mario Maker 2 over the shopping weekend, then lucky you, because you’re getting a bunch of new stuff to mess with.