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Strangest Cooling Gadgets on Amazon

Credit: G2T/Amazon

I don’t care how weird it is, if it keeps me cool, I’m using it.

There are many times that we see new gadgets and wonder how we never thought of that before. Then there are times that we see gadgets and wonder how in the world someone even thought of that. If you take the time to browse through Amazon, you are surely going to run into both types.

As the heatwave continues to spread throughout the United States, there are many gadgets available to help cool you off, even if they are a little strange. Let’s look at some of the more interesting gadgets that you can find on Amazon.

FecPecu Hand Free Fan

This gadget looks a little funky, but it does the trick. The dual fan will blast a cool breeze at your face with three different speeds. There is also a built-in aroma box that you can add your favorite fragrance to as an added bonus. You can charge up the batteries each day and head on out while staying cool with your hands-free fan.

G2T N1 Plus Electric Neck Warming and Cooling Scarf

There is no denying if you have ever felt lightheaded, a cool feeling on your neck can make you feel better. This cooling scarf looks like you have a set of headphones around your neck but is a bit trickier to carry around. You will need to carry a power bank around you to keep it powered up and running.

USB Type-C and Lightning Port Fans

You can now purchase fans that attach directly to your smartphone or laptop. Any USB-C-equipped device can run this convenient fan. It receives its power from the plug and can offer you some quick relief from the heat for under $10.

Personal Air Cooler 4-in-1 Air Space Conditioner

Air conditioners can be extremely expensive and really run up your electric bill. But now, you can purchase a portable AC unit that is USB powered. The device acts as a cooling fan, humidifier, and an air purifier. Color changing LED’s are also available to play with your mood. Just fill-up the unit with water and ice and you are good to go. For under $40, you can save a few bucks and stay cool!