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Pros and Cons of a Gaming Phone

Credit: Wccftech

It’s kind of funny that we still call the devices we carry around “phones.”

Smartphones are very rarely used for talking on the phone, but rather, are more popular for social media applications. But the “phone” companies are upping their game and developing phones that can be used for gaming.

Asus launched the ROG Phone 2, which is the most spec-heavy gaming phone that has ever been released. A 120Hz screen and a days-long battery life are key reasons 1.6 million people registered for the device in only a couple of days. It costs around $900, however, which is a serious asking price. Is it really worth that money over a normal smartphone?

A gaming phone will ensure that you are getting the best gaming specs on the market. With the 120Hz screen, you will quickly notice the difference in the quality of the screen. Most common phones have only 60Hz, which is decent but doesn’t compare to a gaming phone.

A downside for people with 120Hz screens is that the quality goes down when you compete online or in a multiplayer arena. The smoothness will be dependent upon connectivity and how fast the internet can process real-time play. But on the bright side, the speakers can’t be surpassed. They offer you amazing sound to immerse you in a game or just enjoy a good movie.

The appearance isn’t fashionable, since it’s built for function over form. It also does not come with a high tech camera, which for the price you are paying, is a downer. In the end, it comes down to what you want to use your phone for. If it is almost exclusively for gaming, then this phone is for you. If you are looking for your phone to be multifaceted, this is probably not the phone for you.