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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Launch August 7th

Photo Credit: Samsung/SoyaCincau

While the Fold’s in the oven, there’s still new phones to look forward to.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch will be held in New York on August 7th. This new smartphone will come with the 5 Pen stylus. Fans were treated to a teaser of the device in which the 5 Pen stylus was seen drawing a perfect circle, which transformed into a camera. This single hole-punch selfie shooter is sure to please all the selfie lovers out there.

The front-facing camera is set up to center align with the appearance of only one camera display. However, it has two front cameras in an oval display for the picture-taking savants out there.

With Samsung falling behind its smartphone competitors, the hope is that the Galaxy Note 10 will do a lot to bring Samsung back into the picture. With a curved screen, triple lens camera on the back, and no Bixby button or headphone jack, the Samsung Galaxy seems to be offering updated features to make the phone much more functional. A lot of this information continues to just be leaks, but the changes above are expected to happen.

The screen is expected to be 6.6 inches, which is a big upgrade. The phone is expected to be more water-resistant than before, and feature a few cool color options. The battery is expected to be a quicker charger to help get your phone back to full capacity in a pleasing fashion.

Regardless, everyone can be wowed by the new components on August 7th. It will be interesting to see if all the leaks proved to be true, adding new meaning to the saying, “I have to see it, to believe it!”