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Remastered Mario Games May be Coming to Switch

Credit: Nintendo

3D Mario classics may return, along with something new…

With the pandemic cancelling pretty much everything everywhere ever, game developers don’t really have a public avenue to reveal their upcoming projects. Rumors have been circulating that at this year’s E3 (which ain’t happening), Nintendo was planning to make two big announcements, both Mario-related.

The first rumored announcement is a bevy of remasters of 3D Mario games, all released for the Switch. This would include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sources have coined this grouping the “Super Mario All-Stars of the 3D Mario games.” Super Mario 3D World, as well as other games (though I can’t think of any other standouts off the top of my head) would get individual remastered ports.

Credit: Nintendo

The second rumored announcement is several entirely new Mario projects. Details are obviously fuzzy, but one thing all sources seem to agree on is that one of those new projects would be a new entry into the Paper Mario series. Neat, though I refuse to get excited until I am positive it isn’t like Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That game is awful.

Several gaming journalism outlets have reached out to Nintendo for a comment, but Nintendo has said the same thing to each: they have nothing to announce at the time, and they do not comment on rumors or speculation. Of course, if I’ve come to understand anything about hype-fueled wild mass guessing, it’s that silence on a developer’s part will not stop it.